CEL&T Training and Development are an accredited Licensed training partner of The FRIENDS Programs International Foundation and we can provide training workshops across the UK.


Those attending Facilitator Training can become licensed for 3 years and implement the Friends Programme in their workplace as a Charity organisation, Community Group setting, School or Health Setting or within the home 


The FRIENDS programs are endorsed by the World Health Organisation, and supported by the Department of Educaiton (2016) within their Guidance for Schools as well as within Public Health Guidance.

The FRIENDS programs are the second most used intervention globally for building resilience and supporting children's mental wellbeing.  

The programmes are research proven as effective tools for building resilience and preventing/treating anxiety and depression in individuals and families of all ages. The programs employ a positive psychology approach, focused on building strengths and promoting a healthy lifestyle (rather than on deficits and problems) and adopts Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) principles to explore and challenge negative thinking and develop problem solving and a solution focused outlook towards their lives and futures. Mindfulness is also built into the programme.

We can provide all areas of Friends  to meet the different ages/stages of children, young people and adults. Once trained Facilitators can use the Friends Approach with pupils or within their setting.

Fun FRIENDS focused on the needs of children aged 4 to 7- Reception through Key Stage 1

Friends for Life focuses on the needs of children aged 8-11- Key Stage 2 and helps children cope with the transition from Primary to secondary School- year 6 to year 7

My FRIENDS Youth is a group-based program that helps young people to overcome new challenges  commonly experienced by the 12- to 15-year old’s. Key Stage 3

This program empowers early-teens to deal with stressful situations by normalising the state of anxiety and teaching self-regulation by the “Emotion Thermometer” concept, develops self-confidence, provides strategies to problem solve. My FRIENDS Youth is evidence-based and has been proven by research to decrease anxiety and depression in adolescents

ADULT RESILIENCE 16+ suitable for Colleges, Universities and Sixth Form


The Adult Resilience program is ideal for students in year 11 or 12 who may be dealing with a dramatic increase in pressure from school (or finishing high school), choosing a career, social lives, and home. This may lead to stress and anxiety about exams, relationships, and body image, among other things.

These have led to an increase in teenagers experiencing anxiety or depression and a wide range of mental ill heath, which limits their ability to thrive during this time. The Adult Resilience program helps teenagers moving into Adulthood to find fulfilment in creativity and productivity and flourish. Backed by years of research, the Adult Resilience program is evidence-based and proven to equip participants to be the best version of themselves, and reduce anxiety by equipping them with skills and tools


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