“Learning is both emotional and rational…educators need to be good at both. Learning is a risk.

That is why learners need courage and safety.” 

Josh Freedman

This course introduces how to apply emotional Intelligence (EQ) as an effective practice within relationships particularly between adults and children/ young people. This course will define what we mean by challenging behaviour and explore reasons for the behaviour displayed. Participants will have the opportunity  to reflect on how and why we respond in certain ways. The course will develop participants’ understanding of emotional intelligence so that they can better support pupils in all settings. The key ideas can be implemented by a range of practitioners, not solely school staff and are equally suited to Healthcare, children Services, Youth Offending Teams and those who work with or support children with SEND


This course provides a solid foundation as underpinning knowledge for developing an emotionally Intelligent approach.

Course Cost options and purchasing

£50 per person

Please contact for further details for the course if you have any queries 

To join this course please contact ruth for payment links and for details of when the next sessions are available

  1. Webinar attendance only during COVID 19

We can provide BACs details for those who prefer to pay via BACS

Bulk discount available for schools and organisations booking more than 10 staff onto the webinar courses- please contact us for details

What is included in the Course
  • A series of webinar delivered virtual classroom sessions- your webinar link will be sent to your email for you to join. 

  • Webinar course sessions are 1 hour per week and 8 separate sessions- with alternative options 

  • Easy to use student handbook, where you can add notes and ideas to keep these together for later use and ease of storage 

  • Easy links to additional resources pertinent to the course as a one click access point

  • Pdf certificate recording your CPD hours and the course you have completed, accredited by CPD UK. 

  • Support available throughout including via email, skype, facetime or telephone