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Why Emotional Intelligence?

It occurred to me as I was walking the pooch today that I keep talking about EQ and all the courses we run on developing it...and then I realised that perhaps I need to explain a little more about what EQ actually is!

Very simply, it is understanding what emotions are, how we identify them, how we work productively with them, and use them to support ourselves and each other. If we can harness the power of our emotions, we can start to recognise why we behave as we and why we typically react to resilience...maintain optimism even in the face of uncertainty...and align our values to the things we do everyday.

Simple but powerful, and with enormous capacity to help us grow.

But we're so busy all the time, we forget we have this amazing ability to integrate our cognitive skills with our emotional depth. We keep reacting, fire-fighting, running around like the proverbial chicken. Imagine how much more we could achieve if we could just take a reflective step back and work out what's going on, and then respond accordingly.

Anyway, if I say any more now, I'll give away all the secrets - so why don't you come and join me in a series of introductory webinars from May 18th? Head on over for further details!

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