SEND Webinar Series: 

There is another way

with Ruth Whiteside M.Ed, PGCE, BA (hons)

What’s in a name?

When talking about ‘special needs’ or ‘disabilities’, too often the words we use are related to a deficit model of our expectations. What if we could turn this around so that we operated from a strengths model instead? This series of webinars will explore current discourse and look for ways to respond positively to all children and young people. 

this series is open to anyone who wants to see change happen and services that meet the needs of the individual instead of the individual needing to meet the needs of service provision

To join the webinars select from the following list or as a whole series

£5 per session- £50 for series of webinars

Monday Morning 10.30-11.30 or Tuesday Evening 7-8pm

SEND series

all 10 webinar series 


What’s in a name?

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities: exploring current discourse and the need for change

Cost: £5

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

A disorder or another way of being

Cost: £5

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Disorder or response to trauma?

Cost: £5


reaction or response: understanding behaviour through a more compassionate lens

Cost: £5

Dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia SpLD

dys’, Greek prefix meaning ‘ill’ or ‘bad’ – reframing the concept

Cost: £5

Speech and language

speech, language and communication – learning for life

Cost: £5


Social, emotional and mental health: ours or theirs

Cost: £5

'Do we really Listen?'

Hearing impairment: a hidden ‘dis’ability

Cost: £5

What do we 'See'

Visual impairment: seeing beneath the surface

Cost: £5

Emotional Intelligence

: inclusivity and an open door

Cost: £5


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