Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences Part 2

8 hours accredited CPD

Provided by: Dr Wendy Thorley, National Teaching Fellow and previously a director of CEL&T


This course develops Attachment Aware, Trauma Informed, ACE proactive support for children and young people and reflects the NICE guidelines for those working with or supporting, or who may work with or support, children who have experienced attachment difficulties

This course introduces Adverse Childhood Experiences and Attachment (including disruption), NMT and Mobius Care. The course includes the impact on children and young people when experiencing attachment disruption, the role of NMT and what NMT can offer as well as the wider opportunities Mobius Care can offer. This course is suitable for a wide range of people including professionals (Health, Social Services and Education) as well as support workers/ para-professionals, parents, carers, corporate parents, foster parents kinship carers and adoptive parents or those seeking to understand children and young people and how they feel. The course is separated into six sections: Part One: What Attachment is and means and why this is important in Adverse Childhood Experience interventions, Part Two: what is the Neuro-Sequential Model of Therapeutics and why does understanding Neurological development matter when considering the impact of ACEs. Part Three: Different Types of Attachment and how they differ, Part Four: Supporting Children and Young People with Attachment Difficulties. Part Five: who is a therapist, the Mobius approach to care. Part Six: next steps- taking a whole community approach to ACE and building from the bottom up- ideas for supporting children and young people.

This course is accredited by CPD UK. 


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What is included in the Course
  • A series of MP4 formatted powerpoint presentations that can playback on any device including mobile phone providing more than 3 hours of delivery separated into focused sections. 

  • Easy to use student handbook, available in word or pdf where you can add notes and ideas to keep these together for later use and ease of storage for those wishing to complete the accredited CPD 10 hour course

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